We are built for movement, but many of us are sitting more than ever, and it's doing us real harm.

The good news is that breaking up our long periods of sitting with a little movement is enough to reduce many of the problems of sitting.

Move, mobilise and activate


How much sitting do you do every day?

If you’re like many people who work at a desk, you probably sit for breakfast, sit on the way to work, sit all day at work, sit on the way back from work, sit to watch some tv to relax, sit for dinner, then go to sleep and repeat that routine 5 days a week.

Move-time can help!

Move-time is an easy to use desktop application to help you do reduce the problems of sitting. It interrupts long periods of sitting with movement alerts designed to increase your health, well-being and productivity. With some mindfulness and helpful reminders from move-time, you can keep working at a desk, but reduce the harmful effects on your body. Live longer, healthier and with better mobility.
Interrupting, but polite
Sometimes you’re too busy at the moment to get up from your desk. Move-time will alert you of an upcoming reminder and allow you to snooze the reminder for 5 minutes. You can also tell move-time what days and what hours of the day to show reminders, how often they appear and you can turn them off for an hour if you need a block of time without any alerts.
Simple is good
Once you install move-time it will start giving you effective movement reminders without needing you to do anything else. If you do want to customise the reminder intervals, or change which times the reminders are displayed, the options tab lets you easily change things to suit you. But it’s ready to go without any options needing to be set, easy & uncomplicated.
Move-time will remind you to move throughout the day, and offer some movements to make you feel less stiff and less sore, but only you can actually get up to move. Combined with some mindfulness about the benefits of frequent movement you can manage the negative effects of sitting.
Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many people are working from home or from temporary office setups. JointAction Solutions is pleased to this free download of move-time, to help keep you healthy while working at home.

It’s completely free to download and use – no strings attached
So go ahead and get moving and activated!
Free download

Move, mobilise and activate


to increase your energy expenditure


your joints – especially those that are immobilised during seated work


your muscles, especially those that are inactive when sitting and those that protect our spine
Following the move, mobilise, activate principle at work will help you achieve better musculoskeletal and general health.
It will also help move more easily and feel much better when you do!

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